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across languages and cultures

My Languages

My first language is Danish and I have a masters degree in English from the University of Copenhagen, where i specialised in translation studies. I can translate professional text and creative works into both languages.

From several languages

I can fascilitate translation of text from Danish, English, Swedish and Norwegian.


I am specialised in the translation of creative works, including novels and short stories as well as journalistic texts, emphasising British culture and American politics. My passion lies in the strange and lyrical of the post-modern, and cross-cultural understandability.

My Story

Jonas Roel Jørgensen

Artistic Translation is a private company, with me as the sole employee. Therefore, I can guarantee that any project I take on will be followed through the entire translation process by skilled hands and that all communication will be quick and never go through any unnecessary links, that might muddle the final product.

I have a wide knowledge base, ranging from: broad, narrow and classic literature; general knowledge of all English-speaking countries, with particular interests in Scottish, English and American Cultures and languages and extensive knowledge of food cultures around the world.

Project types

A Broad Range of Projects

Though i specialise in literary and jounalistic translation, i take on a broad range of translation projects. If you have a text that need special attention and precise wording, I will gladly give an estimation.

I take on both large and small projects, generally working from an hourly rate with shorter texts and on a per-word basis with more extencive projects.

Send me a message and i will get back to you with a non-binding offer and a further discussion of the needs you have with your special project.

My portfolio